Halewood Ecumenical Team

St Nicholas' and St Mary's - Anglican and Methodist: Together in Halewood


Halewood Ecumenical Team

St Nicholas' and St Mary's - Anglican and Methodist: Together in Halewood


The Halewood Hunts Cross Team Ministry was formed in 2012 bringing together the Halewood Anglican-Methodist LEP, consisting of St Nicholas’ and St Mary’s churches and the Anglican parish of St Hilda’s Hunts Cross.

Each of our three churches has its own unique ‘personality’ and each has brought its own characteristics to make this a successful and dynamic team.

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The Halewood Ecumenical Team


St Nicholas' and St Mary's are the Halewood Ecumenical Team.

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We are also, with St Hilda's, part of the Halewood-Hunts Cross Team

Our latest Annual Report, is available here.

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St Nicholas'

St Nicholas'

St Nicholas' Church

St Nicholas' Church was built as an Anglican church in 1839. It is located on Church Road, Halewood, in the North Ward of Halewood, the older ‘village’ area of the town.

St Nicholas’ has a traditional parish church building of locally quarried sandstone. The transepts and tower were added later in the nineteenth century.

In recent years, the building has undergone a major refurbishment - we believe that we have done our best with the beauty we have inherited and the legacy we have created for the future.

St Mary's Church

St Mary's began in 1967 as a shared Anglican-Methodist building and is located on Leathers Lane, in the South Ward.

The church has a flexible, modern, multi-purpose building, which was rebuilt in 1974 following a fire which destroyed the original church building in 1972.


The St Nicholas' Centre

The St Nicholas' Centre is next door to St Nicholas' Church at 70 Church Road, Halewood, L26 6LA. Originally a children's home, the building was purchased by the church and re-opened as a church Centre in 1995. It now houses our Parish Office and provides rooms and resources for church and community groups.